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Release Date: May 28, 2018 Click:7102 Source:UOU News Center

Visa Services Improved at Chinese Consulate General in Los Angeles


  The visa team leader Wang Luming said that the Consulate General has recently made the following improvements to visa processing:
  Improved hardware conditions
  1. Delay in parking spaces: The request for parking for more than 40 parking spaces was extended from 1 hour to 2 hours, which alleviated the problems of diaspora parking and fines;
  2. Increase waiting area: add a working hall to provide passport services for Chinese citizens;
  3. Post-listing: All window operators are required to wear signs to work and accept public supervision;
  4. Increasing the area for mothers and infants: Establish a special area for mothers who take care of children, so that they can take care of their children while waiting for visas;
  5. Painting hall: The visa hall is completely repainted, providing a warm and comfortable visa environment for the diaspora;
  6. Add a TV: Replay the relevant information on visas, and place an umbrella for guests to use in rainy days.
  Consulate information disclosure
  Chinese and English information has been added to the "Consular Documents" section of the Consulate General's website. The columns and content have been completely updated, the instructions for certificate application have been improved, the content of the applicant's attention has been added, and an update mechanism has been established to strive for comprehensive, authoritative and authentic information. The details are summarized as follows:
  1. Publish detailed information on application requirements, application methods, processing time, charging specifications, payment methods, and precautions according to the type of certificate, so that the requester can clearly know all the procedures for applying for a certificate or access related links on the same page;
  2. Updated relevant application forms such as visas, passports, travel permits, etc., with explanations and explanations of each item, to assist applicants to fill in relevant information correctly;
  3. Add work flow diagrams, such as visa process, passport / travel permit / notarization process, etc., to help us fully understand the process of applying for visas with the method shown in the figure;
  4. The column of "About the Certificate Group" has been improved, which includes a schematic diagram of the visa hall, a real-life map, and a schematic drawing of the surrounding parking, reminding the public to avoid the peak period of the license application;
  5. Issue "Notes", including "How to quickly apply for a consular certificate", "Certificate application must strictly follow the requirements for certificate processing", etc., to guide the public to apply for certificates in accordance with the rules;
  6. Online Enquiry: Inquiry service for online passport processing progress is added; "Foreign Visa Application" is added, "Foreign Visa Application Notes", "Frequently Asked Questions for Foreign Application" are published online.
  Simplified visa procedures
  Comprehensively sort out the application materials, streamline the operation process, increase window operation efficiency, and reduce the requester's waiting time and number of round trips. Contains in detail:
  1. Passport: The number of photos has been reduced from the previous 4 to 2. I-20 only needs to copy the key pages of the applicant's personal information, not all of them. On-site inspection of the immigration seal, no longer showing a copy of the immigration seal; When applying for a certificate, it is not necessary for all applicants to prepare application materials on the spot, allowing the applicant to complete the information according to the reminder of the application information before sending it;
  2. Visa: Cancel the applicant's practice of showing a driver's license. As long as the key pages containing the applicant's information are given for air tickets and hotel orders, they do not need to be copied. The Chinese visa for foreigners can be relaxed reasonably without the need for written support information
  3. Notarization: Notarization does not need to provide a copy of the domestic ID of the client and the client;
  4. Reminder list: Provide reminder list in all windows to give information about missing information at one time. Minimize the applicant's repeated trips. As for the lack of individual non-critical information, it can be supplemented according to the situation.
  Enhance diaspora interaction
  1. Organize a special person to reply to the email and answer the consultation call to ensure timely processing;
  2. Set up a suggestion box, which will be handled by the visa team leader, and accept public opinions and opinions;
  3. The consul enters the community, the consul enters WeChat, answers doubts, and listens to opinions and opinions;
  4. Pay attention to the remarks of Google, Yelp and other websites, and respond to public concerns in a timely manner;
  5. Collect questions, opinions and opinions from diasporas from windows, suggestion boxes, and WeChat feedback, and update the Q & A content of the website according to these.
  Media "Double Guarantee" Revocation
  At the meeting, the reporter recalled the visa experience of visiting relatives a few years ago. At that time, the visa office not only required reporters to ensure in writing that they would not engage in interview activities after returning to the country, but also required the reporter's unit to provide written assurance. After long negotiations, the network finally opened up, eliminating the unit's "guarantee".
  Dai Shuangming, deputy consul general of the Chinese Consulate General in Los Angeles, answered this question, the consulate general has different requirements for different types of visas. Those applying for visas must do so in accordance with regulations. The regulations are now cancelled.
  Agent has nothing to do with the consulate
  Deputy Consul General Dai Shuangming stated that the service establishments in the consulate general and the neighboring service agencies, including photocopying, photography, and equivalent labor agencies, are purely commercial activities of individuals. Their charging behavior has nothing to do with the consulate general. The consulate will not Because the other party is an agency company, they will be given preferential treatment or discounts on their fees, and they will not increase their fees because the other party is the applicant. The consulate will not be responsible for any extra fees charged by middlemen during the visa application process.
  He advocates that visa applicants are advised to check the visa requirements online in advance, in case the lack of information increases the return time.
  Mail reply the same day
  In response to the problem that the consulate general's telephones are often unreachable, Deputy Consul Dai Daiming indicated that the consulate general receives many calls and e-mails every day, so it is inevitable that some calls will be unreachable due to busy lines. He advised the public to log in to the Consulate General's website for answers, or send an e-mail to the Consulate General to ask questions, "We will strive to reply to the mail within the same day."