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Strengthening Cultural Confidence and Improving Chinese Cultural Soft Power

Beijing Xi Jinping Research Center for Socialism with Chinese Characteristics in the New Era
Source: China Guangming Daily

  Recently, "Xi Jinping's Outline for the Study of Socialist Ideology with Chinese Characteristics in the New Era" organized by the Central Propaganda Department was published and issued, which is a major event in the party's ideological and theoretical construction. The "Outline" comprehensively and systematically expounds Xi Jinping's thoughts on socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era. It is an important auxiliary reading for cadres and the masses to thoroughly study and understand Xi Jinping's thoughts on socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era. The cultural construction part of the "Outline" is rich in content and profound in content, especially the in-depth explanation of firm cultural self-confidence and improving the cultural soft power of the country, and clearly put forward the major conclusion of "building a soft and powerful Chinese cultural soft power." It helps us deepen our understanding of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important exposition on cultural soft power.
  The world today is in a period of great development, great changes, and major adjustments. The world is undergoing in-depth development of multi-polarization, economic globalization, social informatization, and cultural diversification. Various ideological and cultural exchanges and interactions are more frequent. Strategic position in national competition. Culture has become an important source of national cohesion and creativity, an important factor for comprehensive national strength competition, and an important support for economic and social development. Whoever occupies the commanding heights of cultural development, who has a strong cultural softness Strength, anyone can win the initiative and take the lead in the fierce international competition.
  Culture is the soul of a country and a nation. For a country or a nation, its territory may change, its population size may increase or decrease, its lineage may even change with intermarriage, but it will be relatively stable due to the long-established cultural traditions. To continue and develop. The Chinese nation has suffered severe ethnic disasters in modern times, and even once was in danger of extinction. However, whenever the crisis is at stake, the great national spirit always emits a powerful force. The people of all ethnic groups are united by the national spirit. Consistency, self-improvement, and heroic struggle have revived the Chinese nation's phoenix and Nirvana. General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: "Civilization, especially ideology and culture, is the soul of a country and a nation. No matter which country or nation, if you do not cherish your ideology and culture, you will lose the soul of ideology and culture. Can't stand. "
  Culture plays a role in constructing national psychology, forming national character, forming national tradition, and shaping national spirit. Culture and its identity are the bonds that maintain national unity and national stability. A common culture, ideals, and value pursuits unite a group and transcend blood, race, and regional differences to form a solid community. The fundamental reason why the Chinese nation has strong cohesion and centripetal force is the sense of self-identification of cultural psychology and the sense of cultural belonging beyond the region. To strengthen the great unity of the Chinese nation and maintain the unity and integrity of the country, the most fundamental thing is to enhance the cultural identity of the people, cultivate the awareness of the Chinese nation community, and build a spiritual home for all nations.
  Cultural security is a matter of national security. The survival and development of a country are inseparable from the nourishment of culture, especially when dealing with the relationship between countries, cultural interests must be considered. At certain moments, culture can become a key factor in determining the destiny of a country, nation and individual. The possession and control of cultural resources is gradually reflected in international competition, and cultural conflicts of interest have become important factors that trigger international conflicts. Promoting national security with cultural security is an important way to improve the overall level of national security. From the perspective of a country, the more people recognize the culture of their country, the more they can unite each other. From an international perspective, the more a country's culture and values ​​are recognized by the international community, the better it will be to enhance its own influence. In today's world, if a country wants to enhance its national security and have influence in the international community, it must base itself on the national conditions, face the future development of the world and humanity, and establish a strong appeal that can obtain the recognition of domestic people and the international community. Cultural values.
  Culture rejuvenates the country and promotes prosperity. For a nation to realize its revival, it needs both strong physical and spiritual power. It is necessary to strengthen cultural self-confidence, stimulate cultural innovation and creativity of the entire nation, continuously enhance the soft power of the country's culture, and build a socialist cultural power.
  Enhance cultural awareness and strengthen cultural self-confidence. Cultural self-confidence is a more basic, deeper, and lasting power. Strengthening cultural self-confidence is related to the rise and fall of the National Games, cultural security, and national spiritual independence. History and reality have fully shown that only a country and a nation can have the confidence in their own cultural ideals and cultural values, and the confidence in their own cultural vitality and creativity, can they have the persistence of determination, the courage to work hard, the vitality of innovation . On the contrary, a nation that has abandoned or betrayed its own history and culture is not only impossible to develop, but also likely to stage a series of historical tragedies. Today, we must carry out the great struggle, build great projects, advance great causes, and realize great dreams, all of which cannot be separated from the spiritual power inspired by culture. To inherit and develop your own culture, you must first maintain a high degree of confidence in your own cultural ideals and cultural values, and maintain a high degree of confidence in your own cultural vitality and creativity.
  Cultural self-confidence is by no means an ostentatious compliment to one's own eyes and to ignore the obvious flaws. Cultural self-confidence requires cultural awareness. People need to be sober about where their culture comes from, where they are now, and where they are heading. On this basis, they will consciously assume cultural responsibility. Cultural consciousness is the premise of cultural self-confidence. Only when people have a scientific and rational understanding of their own culture can they form a cultural attitude that is not inferior or overbearing. We must cultivate a sound mentality of national culture, and vigorously promote the cultural spirit of Chinese excellent traditional culture that spans time and space, transcends the country, has eternal charm, and has contemporary values. At the same time, we must adhere to the traditional culture for the present, innovate, and treat it discriminatively, and inherit it with discard and abandonment. Vigorously publicize the outstanding qualities and traditions of the revolutionary culture, and vigorously publicize the significant progress and vitality of the advanced socialist culture. Participate in the dialogue of world civilizations with a firmer mindset and a broader mind, boldly absorb and learn from the outstanding achievements of human civilization, and promote the prosperity and prosperity of socialist culture with Chinese characteristics.
  Strengthen values ​​and self-confidence, and actively disseminate contemporary Chinese values. Core values ​​are the soul of cultural soft power and the focus of cultural soft power construction. The soft power of a country's culture depends fundamentally on the vitality, cohesion, and appeal of its core values. The rise of a country is not only the rise of the economy, but also the rise of the social system. It should also be the rise of values. During the development of the country from big to strong, the connotation of culture is getting richer and richer, and the power of core values ​​is getting stronger and stronger. The core values ​​of socialism answer the major questions of what kind of country we want to build, what kind of society we want to build, and what kind of citizens we want to cultivate. This is not only our value pursuit and value regulations, but also our value commitment to the world, and an international display of the national image. Vigorously spread the core values ​​of socialism, tell Chinese stories well, and spread Chinese voices, so that the international community can have a deep understanding of our unique historical traditions, historical destiny, and basic national conditions, and the characteristics and advantages of our roads, theories, and systems Having a comprehensive and objective grasp makes our country more politically influential, more economically competitive, more image-friendly, and more morally appealing.
  The core of culture is values, but values ​​are often expressed through tangible cultural products. By attaching the value concept to the tangible product, the external dissemination and output of the value concept is an important way for value exchange and even competition in the contemporary era. In this sense, whoever produces better cultural products and is more popular with consumers, whose values ​​will be more effectively transmitted. For a long time, our cultural products are in a weak position in the competition with western cultural products, and their share in the international market is relatively low. How to enhance the spread of Chinese culture through the development of cultural industries and cultural products has become very important. In recent years, China has introduced a number of influential cultural and creative works through mechanism and system innovation, which has well promoted China's values. Further increase the productivity of cultural creative products and create attractive cultural products that can be widely understood and accepted by countries around the world. Through the "going out" of cultural products to "going out" of cultural values, countries around the world are more aware of, understand and recognize contemporary Chinese values.
  Firmly create high-quality masterpieces of culture and write new epics of the Chinese nation. The cultural movement is related to the national movement, and the cultural context is connected with the national movement. Achieving the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation is a great cause that has shone through the ages. It requires a great spirit of perseverance and an inspiring great work. It is our luck to be born in a great age, and it is our responsibility to create a great cause. The new era provides a vast world for literary and artistic creation and academic innovation. The majority of cultural, literary and art workers and philosophy and social science workers have the confidence and ability to create outstanding works worthy of our great nation and great era, and write a new epic for the Chinese nation.
  An excellent cultural work should be a unity of ideology and artistry. It should have muscles, morals, and temperature. It can touch people's souls and stimulate people's resonance. Only those works that contain the power of thought, full of moral light, and full of human temperature can be called masterpieces, have endless charm and eternal value, and can have a lasting and profound impact in the world. Adhering to the unity of profound thinking, superb art, and excellent production, the masterpieces of the Acura Party, Acura Motherland, Acura People, and Acura Heroes have been introduced. The excellent Chinese traditional culture is the spiritual lifeblood of the Chinese nation and the solid foundation for us to gain a foothold in the world cultural upheaval. Create more outstanding works that embody the essence of Chinese culture, and show the unique charm of Chinese culture to the world. Patriotism is the deepest and most enduring emotion in the world. Cultural creation should sing the main theme of patriotism, show the indomitable spirit of the Chinese nation, carry forward the spirit of the times with reform and innovation at the core, and show the people of the world the contemporary Chinese people's spirit of fortitude and progress Adhere to the people-centered creative orientation, consciously generate inspiration from the creative wisdom of the people, and dig materials from the endless mineral deposits of social life. Only works that reflect people's lives, express their emotions, reflect their aspirations, and express their aspirations, can they resonate with the people, can they arouse people's national pride and patriotism, and thus strengthen the national cultural soft power.
  Firmly and confidently tell Chinese stories and build a good image of contemporary China. Contemporary China has achieved great achievements that have attracted worldwide attention. The face of the party, the face of the country, the face of the people, the face of the army, and the face of the Chinese nation have undergone unprecedented changes. The Chinese nation is standing in the east of the world with a new attitude, fully demonstrating This shows the great superiority of socialism with Chinese characteristics. However, there are always some countries in the world who are unwilling to see China's rise and try to mislead other countries and people in the world about China's development. Some simply apply the logic of the rise of the great powers in Western history to China's development, and put forward the "China threat theory", while others unilaterally exaggerate various problems arising in China's development and put forward the "China collapse theory". Behind this series of arguments is the Cold War mentality, which also reflects to a certain extent our shortcomings in the promotion and dissemination of culture and values. Compared with China's international status, our international discourse power and cultural influence are still weak. Compared with China's economic status, our cultural soft power needs to be strengthened.
  General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized: "We have the ability to do China's affairs well, haven't the ability to tell the story of China well? We should have this confidence!" We must better sort out our own development characteristics, tell Chinese stories and spread Chinese voices. Clearly explain why the Chinese Communist Party "can", why Marxism "exercises", and why socialism with Chinese characteristics "is good." Proactively introduce Xi Jinping's thoughts on socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, take the initiative to tell the story of the Chinese Communist Party governing the country, the story of the dream struggle of the Chinese people, and the story of China's adherence to peaceful development and win-win cooperation, so that the world can better understand China.
  "Jiuxiang is also afraid of the alleys." In the information age, the smooth flow of information is the embodiment of cultural vitality and productivity. To innovate the overseas communication mechanism of Chinese culture, it is necessary to give play to the leading role of the government and the unique advantages of social forces, so that social forces can participate more and more fully in the overseas dissemination of Chinese culture. Not only make good use of traditional communication channels such as movies, television, radio, newspapers, and literary works, but also make good use of new platforms for Internet communication. Through emerging cultural communication methods such as cartoons, micro-movies, mobile videos, etc., cultures with contemporary characteristics and modern elements are developed overseas. Promotion activities to expand the coverage and form a momentum of communication to achieve a wider and deeper communication effect. Strengthen the construction of the external discourse system, study the habits and characteristics of different foreign audiences, combine what we want to say with foreign audiences, and learn to describe in the language of the people and the stories of the people through personal life and daily narration. Let the Chinese culture and the Chinese people's dreams reveal the glory of their ideas and the power of their ideals through lively life narratives and action stories, and then resonate with people around the world.
  (Author: Beijing Xi Jinping new era Thought Research Center of socialism with Chinese characteristics; write: Wu Yujun, Han Zhen)