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Release Date: December 22, 2018 Click:47890 Source:UOU News Center

Opinions of the State Council of China on Encouraging Social Forces to Launch Education and Promoting the Healthy Development of Private Education

  The State Council of China issued "Several Opinions on Encouraging Social Forces to Launch Education to Promote the Healthy Development of Private Education" (hereinafter referred to as the "Opinions"), and made a comprehensive plan for the reform and development of private education.
  The "Opinions" pointed out that since the reform and opening up, private education has continued to grow and expand, which has effectively increased the supply of education services, made positive contributions to the promotion of education modernization, and promoted economic and social development, and has become an important part of socialist education. The development of private education should adhere to the principle of "educating people first, giving priority to moral education, classified management, public welfare orientation, optimized environment, comprehensive policy, managed according to law, standardized school running, encouraged reform, and linkage up and down", focusing on six areas of deployment.
  The first is to strengthen the party's leadership over private schools. Effectively strengthen party building in private schools and give play to the political core role of party organizations. Strengthen and improve ideological and political education, integrate the core values ​​of socialism into the whole process of education and teaching, and teach and educate people, and continuously increase the self-confidence, theoretical confidence, institutional confidence, and cultural confidence of the socialist road with Chinese characteristics for teachers and students.
  The second is to innovate institutional mechanisms. Private schools implement non-profit and for-profit classified management. Establish a differentiated policy system, and actively encourage and support social forces to host non-profit private schools. We will relax the access conditions for social forces to invest in education, broaden the funding channels for running schools, and explore cooperation with diverse subjects. Improve the exit mechanism of private schools.
  The third is to improve the support system. Increase financial input, innovate financial support methods, and establish and improve government subsidies, purchase services, student loans, fund awards, and donation incentives. Implement the policy of equal funding for students, and implement differentiated support policies for tax and fee concessions, land use, and fees. Schools are guaranteed to organize their own studies in accordance with the law, and further protect the legitimate rights and interests of teachers, students, staff, and organizers.
  The fourth is to speed up the construction of modern school systems. Improve the corporate governance structure of the school, improve the board of directors (council) and supervisors (meetings) system, and optimize the composition of personnel. Improve the party organization's participation in decision-making system, and promote the "two-way entry and cross-posting" of members of the party's leadership team, decision-making bodies, and administrative management agencies. Improve asset management and financial accounting systems.
  The fifth is to improve the quality of education and teaching. Guide the school's scientific positioning, deepen the education and teaching reform, innovate the talent training mechanism, and actively cultivate high-quality educational resources and brands. Strengthen the construction of teachers, comprehensively improve the level of teachers' moral literacy and professional ability, and attract various high-level talents to teach in private schools.
  Six is ​​to improve the level of management services. Further transform functions, improve government management methods, improve supervision and management mechanisms, and standardize school-run behavior. Actively cultivate private education industry organizations, and support industry organizations to play a bridge and bond role in industry self-discipline, exchanges and cooperation, collaborative innovation, and fulfilling social responsibilities.
  The "Opinions" emphasize that encouraging social forces to launch education and promoting the healthy development of private education is an important task that is relevant to the current and long-term benefits. All localities and departments should further emancipate their minds, effectively strengthen publicity and guidance, promptly introduce implementation opinions and supporting measures that are in line with local conditions, and promote the smooth and orderly implementation of various policies and measures.