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Release Date: January 02, 2017 Click:5789 Source:UOU News Center
American private universities raise tuition fees to increase federal aid

  02 2012 16 August 11 newsletter according to the National Bureau of Economic Research (National Bureau of Economic Research) this month 13 days (2) released the latest report shows that do not meet the federal "higher education law" the fourth chapter (Title IV of the Higher Education Act) student loan subsidy eligibility of private colleges in number many, but often ignored, and these schools receive subsidies compared with other private universities are relatively cheap.
  The study by George Washington University (George Washington University) on Stephanie Riegg Cellini and Claudia Goldin co chaired the Harvard University pointed out that the higher tuition fees of private universities in accordance with the federal "higher education law" the fourth chapter of the student loan subsidy eligibility, and this phenomenon is consistent with former U.S. Secretary of Education William J. Bennett proposed the "Bennett conjecture" (Bennett hypothesis) - with subsidies to private colleges and universities tend to increase tuition fees to increase federal subsidies for student loan amount.
  Cellini and Goldin said, perhaps these universities also inject a lot of funds to enhance the teaching quality and school reputation, but the biggest reason for soaring tuition fees is the cost of large enrollment propaganda.
The report claimed to be the history of the comprehensive assessment of private colleges and universities for the first time (first comprehensive estimate), the number of the data that inferences from the general situation, the total number of private colleges and universities than the official statistics (official version only calculate the access to federal subsidies) more than doubled, the number of students is also higher 1/4 to 1/3. In addition, the list of private schools that do not qualify for government grants is rarely changed, and students are often required to compete with community colleges and private universities that receive subsidies.
  American private universities raise tuition fees to increase federal aid
  Recently, the United States Department of education for qualified private colleges with subsidies to strengthen supervision, especially the recently proposed "helpful employment" (gainful employment) regulations, requirements provided by the university education curriculum must let students get a good job after graduation, may be part of the school lost acceptance qualification loan subsidies. The report points out that, if that's the case, perhaps students will change their views about universities that don't receive subsidies.