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Release Date: July 12, 2016 Click:3198 Source:UOU News Center
Ji Xianlin: only oriental culture can save the world

  Core tip: the Western way is not enough, must change tack. I once spoke at an international conference: "only Chinese culture and oriental culture can save the world."."
  Eastern culture and Western culture can also be called "Eastern civilization" and "Western civilization". How did culture (Ming) come into being? There are points of monism and pluralism. Monism refers to one place, a nation created, and that cultural pluralism is a place, a number of national creation. I have not studied this question, but I think monism is inexact. Hitler advocated monism. He thought that the only people in the world who created civilization were the Germanic peoples, mainly the whites of northern europe. He believes that Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Holland and Germany are civilized, while other ethnic groups either benefit from or destroy the culture, and thus make many political jokes. I think that is better than monistic pluralism. As for the origin of human beings, there is still a lot of debate yet. But from the origin of culture and civilization, it should not be created by a nation. A lot of people in the world, big and small, long and short history, but every nation contributes to the culture, but not just a contribution. Now is the western culture of the world, Westerners are opinionated God's favored one this is self deception.
  Toynbee divided the world culture into 23 or 26 civilizations, without subdividing it. I think, since human beings, the world culture can be divided into four major systems: Chinese culture, India culture, Islamic choice culture and European and American culture. Japan, South Korea, North Korea, Vietnam culture belong to the Chinese cultural circle, from the Hebrew until now the Muslim culture for the Islamic cultural circle, together with the India cultural circle, the three can be called the oriental culture; and from ancient Greece until today's European and American culture, known as the western culture, it is not the other third culture. Chinese culture has a profound influence on other cultures, especially in the Chinese cultural circles. For example, Japan and other countries, although they have their own ethnic culture, but its cultural foundation is rooted in Chinese culture. In Japanese characters, there are 1750 Chinese characters. Japan's development to this day is the result of the interaction of Chinese, Japanese and Chinese cultures. Without the influence of Chinese culture, Japan's development would have been different. Some countries are strongly opposed to the influence of Chinese culture on Chinese culture. They believe that "romanticism" and "symbolism" do not come from China, but from language. It is considered that to remove the Chinese word in foreign language is patriotism. In fact, to study history, we must first of all seek truth from facts and deny the facts, and never be patriotic.
  What is the difference between eastern culture and Western culture? I think the most fundamental difference is the mode of thinking, the way of thinking is different. Western culture pays attention to analysis and divides into two, while eastern culture focuses on integration and integration. The predecessors in this respect has embodied: Wu Wenjun wrote in "the nine chapter is" Preface: "Europe (delta) with different mathematical China, it starts from the axiom system, and Chinese mathematics from the practical point of view." It fully demonstrates that analysis and synthesis are the two modes of thinking. In addition, Chuang-tzu once said: "a foot of the whip, the half day, there will be no end." The West subdivides the material, from atoms to electrons to mesons, and graphically illustrates two different modes of thinking.
  The eastern culture pays attention to the synthesis, integrates the technology; the western culture pays attention to the analysis, analyzes the theory. "Silk Road" of the author, Iran born French, in the book he wrote: in the early Muslims (the equivalent of China Tang Chu), in Arabia and Iran (Persia), there is a saying: "the world is a lot of ethnic Greeks, is Chinese eyes, two eyes, and other ethnic groups for the blind." It means that Greece has only theories, such as Platon, Aristotle, Socrates and other great thinkers. While China has developed technologies, such as the four great inventions. This is the result of cultural differences between the East and the west. In fact, the development that Chinese also has its own theory, such as the Greek but no technology all classes of authors, but it is a fact. Synthesis and analysis are the mainstream of thinking, although there are no third, but there is no pure one hundred percent synthesis and analysis.
  But now, leading technology in the world is the west, Westerners opinionated God's favored one. Admittedly, after the industrial revolution, the West has a great influence on the development of the world. It can not be denied. But their prejudice against the Orient is far from foresight. At present, they have exposed many contradictions and huge drawbacks: population explosion, lack of fresh water resources, ozone hole. These dangerous problems are combined to be unthinkable. The development of human society is a tortuous road (the same road), bumpy road, impossible Everything is going smoothly. Thus, the Western civilization has been brilliant for two hundred or three hundred years, this is the thirty year of Hexi, the next will be thirty years east, the urgent need to rectify the eastern culture, otherwise, the world's future crisis. Western Cult propaganda "doomsday judgment", these are from the phenomenon, not the essence of the problem. Human progress is like running a 400 meter relay, the latter being based on the former. Two hundred or three hundred years ago, China's position was not today. It was "two eyes", while Greece was only one eye". Therefore, we should look back on China's road of development in the past 100 years, sum up experience and draw lessons from it. The Western way is not enough, must change tack. I once spoke at an international conference: "only Chinese culture and oriental culture can save the world".