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Release Date: May 21, 2017 Click:2191 Source:UOU News Center
Derive political wisdom from ancient books

  Five thousand years of Chinese civilization is broad and profound, outstanding ancient books which many excellent books of multitude, implies doing things and governing principle politics thought. In the millions of people who are actuated by high ideals from ancient to modern times, learning and understanding are the essence of traditional culture nourish the classics. Leading cadres should keep up with the times, improve themselves, perform their duties, of course, need to read good books, especially forget to read some outstanding ancient books and records. Reading good books, is a capable, high gold content of the culture of reading, the purpose is to let the classics condensed the human wisdom, experience and lessons, and lay a solid foundation of intellectual and cultural foundation.
  Often read classics, can enhance spiritual realm. Ancient heritage of the nation's most profound spiritual pursuit of "immune to temptations, poverty can not be changed, force can bend" Hao Ran righteousness, "first and worry about the world, after the world to enjoy" political ambitions, "Li Gou country life and death, is it not because of weal or woe" patriotic feelings, "die in harness" devotion, reflects the excellent Chinese traditional culture and national spirit, we should inherit and carry forward. Leading cadres to read good books, often receive excellent traditional culture, can enhance the understanding of people and people, people and society, the relationship between man and nature and ability to grasp and correctly handling, and he has been right and people, and enjoy the spirit of the important material enjoyment, to make your mind more broad thought, character is more abundant, more perfect, more good realm.
  Often read classics, you can enhance the level of politics. In the books of history implies very rich experience of governing the country, has rich experience in Shengping world of social development and progress, profound lessons also decline the chaos of world and from disorder to wisdom; both statements on the matter when the analysis, there are comments on the previous and later to sum up. To a certain extent, it reveals and reflects the basic laws of State Administration and the construction of the ranks of officials, and is a precious heritage of ancient Chinese political rule and social governance. Excellent reading ancient books, is to combine the doing business and what is being done by critically inheriting and utilizing and drawing lessons from the predecessors, in the cultivation way, governance and other aspects of the wisdom and experience, enhance the leadership, improve the working methods.
  Often read classics, can enhance humanistic quality. Ask him what so clear, as has the springhead." Profound knowledge from the cause of success lies in the days and months multiplying, accumulate steadily. Leading cadres not only need to understand business knowledge, but also have cultural heritage, but also to have humanistic feelings, and these are dependent on reading, especially by reading excellent books. You can see the success, in history, and know the rise and fall; reading can know the sense of honor, honor, know right from wrong; reading poetry can fly, high, witty, abdomen poetry and gas from china. Leading cadres only often read books, writing articles, making a speech to allusive, informative, dragon dotting, enlighten people, mental agitation, enhance the appeal of the article and persuasive discourse, enhance their cultural self-confidence and personality charm.
  Ancient books and classics are not as difficult to read or difficult to understand as some people think, nor are they as boring as some people think. "Words without words are not far away." things that are obscure can not be passed down for thousands of years. Whether it is the "Analects of Confucius" "Mencius" "Book of Songs" and other The Four Books and the Five Classics, Tang and Song poetry, or the novels of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, according to the cadre education level, as long as the static under heart to read, can be read; a little more difficult, using dictionaries, by day, every single word or phrase, can be difficult and easy click into place, its meaning is. The ancient books like aging, taste feel Xin astringent, products feel mellow abundance, more can realize the true interest.