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Discovery of the Oriental and re localization of China

   With the rising of Chinese economy, Chinese culture has more and more influence in the world. In this context, Peking University professor Wang Yuechuan proposed "found oriental culture" and "output", proposed to adhere to the independent innovation of cultural output, the China thoughts can become the mainstream ideology of human in twenty-first Century. In order to promote further research on this issue, this interview was specially published.
   First, Western learning is only the background of my study of China
   Yu: I have been more concerned about the academic research on you, on your achievements have been combed. I found that your study is not fixed in a particular area, but in the continuous expansion and transformation, you have always known in western studies. However, since the end of the twentieth Century academic horizon and scope of your research has experienced a shift from the west to the middle school academic, this is how to treat your own?
   Wang Yuechuan: a lot of academic friends called "to" academic was interested in my research, I have really experienced several changes, but as far as I am concerned, so many years of academic study, in fact, did not place the so-called turning or displacement, but the so-called One principle runs through it all., turn, just for each period of different problems and emphasis of study. Colleagues say that I am in the western is known, because I almost studied nearly 20 years from the western, but I originally wrote "ontology of art", "postmodern cultural studies", "Twentieth Century western poetry", "mirror", "China to East", "cultural output found". The so-called from Western to China, can be said to be the same. I do know the purpose of Western learning, my idea is very simple: Western is only my real problem of China academic research -- the background, I need a deep interpretation of the era of globalization western background, so I study western, as a kind of methodology, rather than its ultimate destination as a lifetime study. Study on Chinese culture transferred from Western civilization, is the inevitable trend of my academic career spontaneously, my academic purpose is "China contemporary cultural interpretation and theoretical innovation, so I put forward the" discovery of the Orient "and" cultural output".
   Confucius once said, "a gentleman", that is to say, the meaning is that he does not like his destiny in a field setting, should not be like that implements capacity constraints, but the heart of the world, and even in all. A measure of the generous, broad-minded, you like to look at the river all rivers run into sea, everything with a broad mind, and strive to the next in the end nothing at all times and in all countries, Germany is used to achieve "body" One principle runs through it all. "and the"! Therefore, I don't have to limit his academic research in the field of literary theory, although it is my major. I think, should also be in the professional humanistic care outside the discipline system in today's increasingly cramped conditions, this is particularly important.
   "Learning is the master of the world."". This sentence comes back to his "no ancient knowledge, non western scholars", with the heart of justice is to study them. Therefore, I think, to distinguish between Chinese and western, but not to essentialism is divided into two parts. In the west, in the west, Chinese has had an influence on the west, the Middle East has had an influence on ancient Greece, why today we cannot influence each other? I don't believe there is a "world" to scholars research into "the public", if he did not know of the world, so he did just learned beam to seek for the rice. If the iron shoulders moral, the hand "is a true portrayal of Peking University, countless sages character spirit and ideal personality so," found oriental culture "and" output "should be a new century, the historical responsibility and mission. I believe that the relationship between the human destiny is no longer the communication of Chinese and Western culture, "western" or "West and East", but is "mutual", the nationalism and the cold war standpoint to understand each other and cultural interaction in human, the West and the east to eliminate the cultural misreading, the future of mankind become Oriental and the Western common interest and build the vision, that is my ultimate aspiration -- "human body, with the world".
   Yu: I noticed that you have transcended the pure literary field into a number of important cultural fields, such as your Ancient Chinese Literature Search and calligraphy research, study music and aesthetics, study of ontology and methodology have made remarkable achievements and great influence, because I thought, if simply your words are not comprehensive literary theorist, precisely should be called you as "the humanities scholars". And I think that calling you a "humanist scholar" is not only to say that your research field of vision is broad, the research field is broad, and more importantly, you have humanistic feelings. Can you give a brief introduction to your academic career?
   Wang Yuechuan: Well, I'll take this opportunity to summarize the history of my personal thought history for more than 30 years.
   What is humanism? In essence, it is a kind of spiritual inspiration and perception that understands itself, penetrates itself, and is not influenced by the surface phenomena of secular life. Remember Qianlong under the south, standing in Jinshan Temple, let Abbot count the Yangtze River, how many boats?. The abbot monk Huilin said that only two, a name of a ship for profit; Ni Yunlin cleared his property over at the age of 52, followed by his paintings on as tacky, penetrating; Zuo Zongtang had a penetrating and self transcendence -- he supervised the building every day, construction workers from boredom, workers say, I repair the house has not yet collapsed, but I often repair houses changed hands. Zuo Zongtang suddenly wake up, with the benefit of our people is always. In my opinion, the humanistic awareness is the four dimensions embodied in the humanistic spirit: difficulty, accuracy, height and depth. Without these "degrees", there will be no recognition, insight, courage, transcendence, and no introspection. "Tong" is western, ancient and modern history, and through categories. This is a relatively complete grasp of the humanities and general knowledge.
   I never think that all saints are wise and wise. They do not think they are all philosophers and anthropologists, nor do they think they are literary theorists. There is little chance of becoming a great literary theorist. Only by the shock and the fate of swing, can master yucheng. Wang Guowei's thought process as the same: some people say that the relationship between Wang Guowei's knowledge has never occurred in contemporary, but closed to do their own university asked. I said no.. Look at his early diary every day in German, Japanese, pain, that is for the translation of Schopenhauer and Nietzsche, to enlighten the people; when he discovered a war to Western Europe in ruins, believe that Liang Qichao travels in Europe contained, then write "human words", telling innocence insight and utter innocence; when he Oracle found by foreigners with abroad, has been like a raging fire when he began lapping Oracle immediately; when he found in Dunhuang Chinese, Dunhuang in the west, he immediately with his full strength of Dunhuang; at last he found Mongolia to be "independent" go out, he put the study of the history of Mongolia. It can be said that Wang Guowei became "a" master "harbor!
   Humanities knowledge has four legs: "the foundation of Chinese studies, the western learning methods, the contemporary problems, the future vision."". I think these four are very important for learning, and I regard it as my "Sixteen word Heart Sutra", which expresses my experience of learning in the thirty years at the turn of the century.
   In fact, I didn't start in the Western Research University, I have been reading history before the Tang Dynasty culture and literature collection, research university, and the Chinese culture of ancient and medieval thought culture spent a lot of time, can be said to long submerged Ancient Chinese Literature Search. Here I talk about the choice of academic process: as a college student for 77 years, I found that my classmates made the teachers nervous and upset, and completely changed the reading habit of the university. The curious curiosity of the new college students made the college students read like wolves on food. After the age of knowledge deprivation, every university teacher stands on the platform, and in the face of such craving and critical eyes, his heart will shudder. The students caused great pressure on the teacher, let the teacher be taken by surprise, because they did not expect the students as if fierce tigers "". As the students, because experienced a lack of knowledge of the "Cultural Revolution" period, therefore, this generation of scholars has a historical and cultural awareness is conscious and conscious, aware of four years of college life should become the most important thought energy reserve period. During college, ten hours every day I read aloud, philosophers in history, especially Zhuangzi, also studied philology, epigraphy and calligraphy. The bitter back became the only "huofa my college life". During this period, almost only "Ancient Chinese Literature Search" book and revel in the "learning, really believe not born Zhongni days, such as the eternal night long" spirit is life and the world of the night light spot light. When the University, I was from the study of traditional culture, from the study of Du Fu began to write poetry, "Du Fu research" the beauty of artistic conception of the graduation thesis, I often sat in the library of rare books collection, bitter writing, finally to 9 words of "Du Fu poetry" of the artistic beauty of a bachelor's degree in literature, becoming a pioneer in research the Tang Dynasty poetry Chinese by the new method, when people do not agree, but today has become a consensus. This should be the starting point and accumulation of my literary theory.
   The postgraduate entrance examination into the University, I feel that university students accept the modern western thought the very front, just a little bit to my eyebrow "Ancient Chinese Literature Search" words in front of graduate students Husserl, Floyd and Heidegger talk with eloquence, Sutter, Maslow, structuralism, Western Marx doctrine and so on quite fashionable topic, the "Aphasia". At that time, I think there are two paths, one is the ancient literary theory or classical aesthetics, maintaining the status quo; another is to update the knowledge structure, academic problems of the new era, into the academic context. I thought then that it would be better to move forward rather than retreat, and that I should take a good command of the modern Western intellectual discourse, and think twice, and I chose the latter. My approach is to start with phenomenology, to grasp the root causes of western culture as much as possible, and to find academic problems in the new era, so as to enter the frontier discourse context.
   Do western learning, we must first solve the problem of language tools, must have good language skills, in my opinion, the book is the basis for doing so in the translation of Western learning, a dozen articles of western academic papers, and spent more than a year with Robert R. to translate Magliola, Phenomenology and Literature: An Introduction, and the nearly a year of fine school two times, to consider the original word for word and sentence for sentence so I can through the language directly into the ideological level, understand the equivalent of language is not thinking of the "skin" instead of "thought", which makes me in English literature works reading operation ability is greatly improved. At the same time, through the phenomenology to existential poetics, hermeneutics, reception aesthetics and deconstruction as the clue of academic cleaning and self knowledge system upgrade process, academic vision, thinking frame has new development. During the period of graduate students, I realized that theoretical self-consciousness is important, so I tried to review literary and artistic discourse through literary ontology. From the 1986 to the early summer of 1988, I completed the dissertation writing of the contemporary significance of the art ontology of 25 words and received a master's degree in literature and art. Subsequently, the renamed "on" published by Shanghai Sanlian art ontology.
   Teaching in Beijing University is an important stage in the development of my academic thought. In teaching art aesthetics, western literary theory in twentieth Century and post modernist cultural aesthetics, I began to review the issue of Western Literary Theory in the twentieth Century. At the same time, the piles of postmodern problems have come into my field of study. I still take the method of reading and translating the original text first, and then I begin to study the postmodern problem. Two years later, compiled the "post-modernism culture and aesthetics" and "postmodern culture research monograph" respectively in 1989 and 1990 Peking University Press unscripted delivery. Later, I wrote the western philosophy of poetry in twentieth Century, edited the literary and artistic aesthetics methodology and other works. In 1993, under the impact of the secularization in the tide, I began to write some "cultural studies" Reflection on the article, at the same time China twentieth Century began to focus on the culture and art of "problem" in the eastern and Western cultural context and problem consciousness". It can be said that my academic self-confidence and self awakening are guaranteed by the western learning and the Chinese standpoint.
   In my opinion, people seem to have no way to choose their own life, age and language, the premise seems in "all options are chosen", choose to use language to describe their bloody life, times and thought. Life often has a non academic course and the relation, not because the real academic to love the nature, GUI Cheng, Wu Chien a heavy, not to a small profit micro as a peephole view. A scholarship that enriches life and is brilliant is what may be sought (and not necessarily) acquired.
   Two, the sixteen word "learning", "Heart Sutra""
   Yu: you summed up the method of learning "Ancient Chinese Literature Search foundation, Western methods, contemporary issues, future vision, can you explain this" sixteen words of wisdom?
   Wang Yuechuan: you can say, the sixteen word "Heart Sutra" is a long time in my experience of learning, in my opinion, this is not the four rule, knowledge may be knowledge accumulation, without thinking of the leap. It is based on the ancient and modern, Chinese and Western awareness of the problem, so I focus on Chinese classical culture study in University, graduate students to study western modern times, in charge of Peking University after many years, the establishment of Chinese and Western culture to research interaction and Chinese position, this is a transition "the negation of negation" in the spirit of deepening and the process of personality cultivation.
   I found a common phenomenon when I was a scholar, that is, in the beginning of the twentieth Century, the academic master was the division of literature and history and philosophy, and their Sinology background and Western learning background were very thick. "The intellectual century first generation" -- at the end of the Qing Dynasty such as Yan Fu, Kang Youwei, Liang Qichao, Zhang Taiyan, Wang Guowei etc., could be roughly divided into this generation, this generation of Ancient Chinese Literature Search thick foundation, both have deep feelings for China culture, and has the profound cultural survival crisis, in the trend of the times, reference with the western theory, adhere to the "Chinese style", and can obtain considerable academic achievements. On the contrary, after entering the 50s, the Soviet Union probably studied, and the subject classification was very fine. For example, in the field of literature, the research of classical literature and modern literature studies did not take the world although called literary history. This branch of the meticulous, resulting in every profession only experts, but it is difficult to master and a generalist. I often tell myself that it is far from enough to reflect on my own methods of learning and try to get through the ancient and modern Chinese and Western as far as possible.
   I often sigh, life is short, every scholar has only left a little thing, we should break the arts artificially divided, written history, philosophy, politics, economics and law. Man should be a whole man, and the sixteen word "Heart Sutra" is to restore this man to wholeness. Western learning needs to be done, so I studied Husserl, Heidegger, post colonialism and post modernism as a methodology. But the foundation of Chinese studies is the basis of scholars and the foothold of the whole life. "Contemporary problem" is the value concern of learning. As Wang Guowei, every step of knowledge is closely related to the fate of the nation-state.
   I never thought that a purely objective knowledge, nor that can completely out of today's "live". "Future vision", I think scholars who can reach this point is minimal. Many people think that their research is very advanced, but in academic circles generally believed that no contemporary history, contemporary bad comments, not final judgement. Do contemporary literature or culture. People are cautious, but many criticize others, but ultimately not stand the test of history. History always leads to fair conclusions. "Future vision" is the key, with the rational scale higher and farther from today, through many obstacles in today "era, when the reality is reasonable." found its legitimacy discourse, will see the future vision of the current. Summary: I am still thinking Ancient Chinese Literature Search deeply, for me is to go back to the main classic study, the primary concern to Qin Gang Jian fresh thought; Western learning method is me in the perspective of the current context is to hear any problems China cannot be ignored; when the generation should be based on the value of care China intellectuals point; future vision made me think globalization is Westernization or human world? The world is the meaning of the world or a uniform monism into pluralism? These all need to critically ideological breakdown!
   Human beings are limited. Today people see the "54 generation", people will be on their radical or conservative criticism. Perhaps people who are decades later may not feel ridiculous to see what contemporary scholars do. But for us this generation of scholars, only alive to strive: nothing is perfect, but worthy of my heart!
   Three, reading is for the sake of nature
   Yu: the life and study of scholars inseparable, you are a university, but also a scholar, I noticed that you have edited a set of "Lifetime Reading Plan" series, can you talk about how to study?
   Wang Yuechuan: my favorite thing in life is reading. The most important thing to recommend others is to recommend them to read good books. In junior high school, countless late at night reading flashlight in the quilt, direct reading to battery water. In college, I read that my eyes were rapidly nearsighted to several hundred degrees. During college, indulge in the library reading is like hunger and thirst to my "lessons", more than a dozen hours a day pitch-dark bitter back into my life, this time in reading "revel in science, the spiritual world is illuminated. Peking University Library library during my graduate high countless books into the wealthy, where day shelves packed with philosopher CEDI dignified eyes. I realized that since the time of human beings, about ninety billion people have passed away, and tens of millions of books have been insignificant in the denominator of the ninety billion. One month after month and year after year can watch stacks of books? Write many articles? In the ocean of knowledge, a drop of water is easy to be "negligible".
   I think people live for about thirty thousand days at most. "A dream of Red Mansions" Miaoyu most appreciated Fan Chengda emphasis on the 9th line of business "Tibet" Shou in two sentences: "there are thousands of years have a doorsill, soil Steamed Buns. "Tang" a world song "more clearly said:" life rarely live to seventy, first in childhood in the old. In the middle of the scene is not long, there are leisure worries and troubles. After the Mid Autumn Festival is unknown, the Qingming flower is not good....... "Life is too short, no wonder" in Kawakami, "since life husband It passes like this.! Can't read more than tens of thousands of book, but can not read all the books, need to explore the way of reading. So I slowly groping the door to reading: reading, intensive reading, reading the classics, read the classic interpretation and debate, reading books, reading books abstract, fill the "primary school" (Commentary), fill history (historical and historical materials, history and unofficial); from the suspect at the suspect, never doubt at the suspect, from behind speaking of myself, to say something new, not afraid to not mature. In the academic life and cohesion is hidden in several years of studying, I realized that there was a new quality which has surpassed my view and attention problems of human eyes slowly rising from life.
   Experience has taught me that reading classical books is of methodological importance. Western is reading the book, all the way from ancient Greece to read down, will make people fully correct their own discourse system and mind encoding, and in changing the undercurrents in the academic field, keep upright and outspoken academic insight and values and feelings of isolation. However, western languages and complex, poor Haoshou also difficult, if a person proficient in several foreign languages must wait until then thought he might make spiritual and thinking about their fossilization in language rules. Therefore, it is enough to select the most important foreign language mode for academic resources acquisition. The underlying language into thought, not included in the important conclusions and philosopher instructed, "Chuang-tzu" in the round flat early on Huan said: "the king of the reader, the ancients dross". What is important is to get a holistic thinking, a basic theory of the essence of the poor, an insight into the question and a way of sublimation of human nature. Perhaps, sometimes reading is even "Xinzhai" with dishevelled hair and a dirty face "I lost", but not the reading into the work, there is no thought of the birth of May, will be in the diaphragm and a smattering of Western life.
   But reading Western learning is still not enough. The university should have high level of interaction and dance and look at it with a large knot problem, polyester -- whether studying ancient or contemporary, whether studying Chinese or the west, are interrelated and promote each other, this shall not see, or can help future generations, the key lies in the attention problem of significance. If the dialogue between China and the west is not between "cross culture", "intersubjectivity", "inter otherness", the depth of inquiry and promotion will be greatly reduced. In reading and thinking, we may be more deeply felt: whether it is reading or reading books, books need people, this subject can show significance. Instead of reading books, the book is a huge halo to conceal their inner emptiness, is undoubtedly an excessively fine hypocritical. Reading is important, but the book itself is not the purpose, or pondering in immersion is profound, and finally lost their independent opinions, even content to be "bookworm", is difficult to put a real idea to create a point of view, more difficult to form a real ideological system.
   Reading makes me learn from the depth of life learned to look at the world with a pure heart. I always think of Confucius, Lao Tzu, Socrates, Platon, nietzsche...... These things the party and I are the same generation, we face the same problem: that is, how, how to die. To talk to them is to think about our individual lives. I read in the month after month and year after year career, silence in the dark night and the city under the breathing, I realized that reading can expand the potential for Zhang in the confusion between the thinking of reading is the prelude, is self born chanchuang. The thinker reading is always creative reading, understanding and understanding of others, but also to the problem of positive and negative ideas in the book and its limitation by trial clearly, not to scrap the ideas of others as their own ideological coordinate pieces. In the process of reading, but also in the creation process of "one mind", is the process and excellent culture of human art and master dialogue, and dialogue of outstanding thinkers at all times and in all countries, in reading and thinking back to your breath meditation, the new century scholars this is my understanding of the mission. Through reading and speaking, the dissemination of Chinese culture to the world in a sustainable way is a real idea and long-term practice in my academic career. Some people do not seem to be effective, but for me, I know that I can not do it.
   Yu: in the fast pace of the moment, in the era of reading, in the information explosion today, can the static under heart holding a book reading, has become a luxury, what do you think of this phenomenon?
   Wang Yuechuan: after the first six of the "book of changes" enlightens us, constant change in the information age! In fact, this paper put the network civilization civilization break the rules of the game, today some people are searching on the Internet of things, information is loaded into the database. Qian Zhongshu scholars in the past civilization, the paper printing civilization period is considered the great memory of genius, in the modern network civilization, no paper industry, is thought to be even Taishan culture and culture of Kunlun are not known. All the technical progress is the result of human lazy people want to be lazy, lazy invention, the advantage of saving a limited, golden time to think about more important things, to stimulate human creativity. In the era of network reading, is highlighted in each person's subjectivity and creativity, each person's participation, legitimate to walk in the ocean of Internet, this is the embodiment of democracy and freedom, not to be deprived of, but also inspire everyone to create, even if it is the primary idea of creation. But the negative aspects, is the real talent for writing, master with the general population, they thought drowned in endless, manic network trash, no eye them from the earth out of gold and debris in a mixed up. Because of the rage and narcissism, people obsessed with their own world, pay no attention to others, no longer love human love the world, human beings become unprecedented narcissistic, instead of "the benevolent love".
   In the post-modern cultural context, reading and thinking, of course, is to learn to reject, deny, and doubt, and to discover the contradictions of contemporary discourse and open up new interpretations in various conflicts. "Reading, thinking, writing as much as possible to unify, because read more, be more, the more dangerous the way. The more you think, the more confused you will become. On learning, I adhere to the "argumentation, textual criticism, poetry and prose" three can be neglected. "Justice" mainly refers to the philosophical thinking, "rhetoric" probably refers to the language rhetoric, "the foundation of textual research is focused on the application and the latest archaeological literature on the material culture of learning.
   In the study I emphasize text reading and textual research method of combining the idea of Western ideas in reading, pay attention to consider each thinker's thought, the thought of how to "restore"? In the archaeology of knowledge "Humanistic laminated" the settlement of what the problem is? To what extent solve? What is the blind? How to evaluate? If the progress of the human mind is a great chain, to a clear academic in which they belong to the ring? They use what method to try to open this idea on the chain? I realized, problem consciousness is very important for academics, to find the deep-seated problems more with the problem, find the problem set plexus and root vine, instead of being the multitude books control your thoughts and interests, also do not easily believe that any so-called answer. In my opinion, thinking life is tempered, should find the idea of invincible sword in difficult wheting, rather than as an academic in my pocket with ornaments.
   We started from confusion, and finally higher confusion. Life and reading, multi branch circuit, dead end, only one way to go through, that is the right way!
   Four, cultural output and discovery of the Orient
   Yueyang: globalization has become an important academic discourse, but I noticed that you since late 90s, the research focus began to shift, or that focus, more attention to China cultural issues, published in 2003, found that "Oriental" one book, followed by a version of the "cultural output". Describes the China culture perspective, and in a variety of social and cultural practice field is calling, what do you think of this problem?
   Wang Yuechuan: I published the discovery of the Orient, based on the idea that the West has made the world a "global village" through globalization, and that the rise of China has made western hegemony smaller. An important China cultural strategy in the new century is to discover the oriental culture, we must pay attention to the national image output! In the context of internationalization of the "bucket law" -- a bucket can hold much water depends on the shortest piece of wood. By extension, a common problem facing any culture of a country's external image, that constitute the various parts of national image national image is often bad and irregular, and the inferior portion often determines the level of the international image of the whole country. The image of great powers includes four images: economic image, political image, military image and cultural image. The image of the Chinese economy is brilliant, the political image is winning more and more national trust, and the military image is rising and gaining recognition, but the cultural image is in a disadvantageous position. It can be said that it is urgent to enhance the soft power of Chinese culture, establish a strategic discourse of Chinese culture, and strengthen the cultural soft power of the eastern powers. China's "Chinese character culture circle" has been out of order for a long time. For half a century, the trend of "going to China" in the whole East Asia is very serious. "Chinese character culture circle" has been replaced by "American cultural circle". Only "re - Sinicization" and "reconstruction of Chinese character cultural circle" can solve many problems. In the world of fundamentalist rising, dangerous moment of Obama doctrine to hegemonism old, we can not walk the narrow nationalism Road, also cannot leave plagiarism westernized road. Only in moderation, tolerance Master go to have Chinese itself, absorbing the excellent culture of the world, keep a positive culture of innovation power road. Found in the East, means that power is closely related with the reconstruction of cultural identity Chinese Cultural Renaissance, it also means that Chinese cultural integrity is an important symbol of innovation to enhance the comprehensive national strength, but also to promote world natural ecology and spiritual ecology harmonious and balanced development of the basic guarantee.
   And I published "cultural output" is that: as a rising power will spread to overseas output Chinese culture, in order to avoid the cultural conflict to upgrade the culture wars, and seek to double dialogues in domestic academic circles and international cultural field, the twentieth Century "Westernization" into Chinese and Western mutual "in twenty-first Century". The harmonious and peaceful cultural spirit of the East can contain the spirit of war in the Western jungle law and weaken the danger of the conflict culture with the harmonious culture. In the war and terrorism across the world today, in the face of human culture in the Westernization "unilateralism" "hegemony" modality, appear in the human spirit of ecological value and the survival significance of loss of hole in the global geopolitical crisis, encounter the threat of war and nuclear crisis, we must think of human beings in the future should decide on what path to follow?! as the oriental country should ponder, how should Chinese culture innovation and persevere to output! Chinese should stand on the commanding heights of human thought to think human future, cultural innovation and Transcendence of the spirit of human culture should be the coordinates of the new century! Oriental cultural integrity innovation will make the western culture unilateralism and military hegemony and questioned towards the end of!
   In my opinion, the sustainable output of Chinese culture has already been related to the cultural security of big countries. Academic dialogue can be China ideological change of contemporary traces: whether it is from the economic relationship between transnational capital operation and clean up the cultural hegemony, or to see the spirit of secularization of complanation of digital copy times from the culture; whether it is the era of globalization is to clarify the failure, or we should respect the values and beliefs of festivals and social institutions with the unique language of modern cultural significance China in Asia -- with East Asia, are intended to emphasize the West must pay attention to China sound, and we cannot let corrupt country spirit of hedonism and consumerism. China's rise will not be as China looks more like the west, but it may be that the west is beginning to absorb China's experience and wisdom. A wise leadership group should have the courage and vision to participate in the adjustment of world civilization in the noise of China threat theory and China collapse theory. We are keeping a low profile, but not isolation, we emphasize the peaceful coexistence, but can not do nothing!
   It can be said that the world and the Chinese, local and the other has become the basic context of my research, so the study of Western learning, do not want to become a Western expert, but as the problem of modern western China context, a field trial of the "other", its purpose is to review China problem. So my research focus gradually changed: on the one hand is the editor of nearly a hundred volumes of essays "Chinese academic thought system" and "China calligraphy culture", on the other hand is published several monographs: "Chinese mirror", "post modern post colonialism in Chinese", "globalization and Chinese", "Chinese calligraphy culture spirit" (Korean version), "found", "Oriental Orientalism and cultural renaissance", "Chinese cultural strategy", "culture", "calligraphy output cultural identity", "beautiful calligraphy" etc..
   In twentieth Century, a fundamental difference between China and traditional China was that China's traditional culture was completely impacted by the Western cultural system in a hundred years. Generally speaking, western culture has a different shape, there are ancient Greek two Greek spirit (the spirit of ancient Greek and Hebrew spirit), rational spirit of the Renaissance to the modern rationalism, anti twentieth Century and the spirit of postmodernism. However, China has lasted for more than two thousand years the spirit of "single linear era" of Chinese culture. This cultural spirit was interrupted by western modern culture in the early twentieth Century. This makes the Chinese culture face the general crisis between tradition and modernity, between the East and the west, between the modern and the post-modern. This means that the overall crisis is not only the ultimate concern of the loss, it also implies a dislocation of value symbol: Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism thought of three sets of words, in contemporary people westernized there and living status and spiritual disruption of the cracks, which leads to the emergence of new type theory of Neo Confucianism, Taoism, new new Buddhist; Western Christianity ideological discourse resources, and the remaining core belief Chinese lot of discourse conflict, it is difficult to integrate urgently. Therefore, contemporary culture can only China from a new fusion of traditional culture and Western culture and modern transformation, reconstruction of ideological discourse resources new, it is possible to make the social transformation caused by the cultural crisis eased.
   China as a big country, the "national image" is gradually marginalized in the history of the late Qing Dynasty in China were not met for thousands of years of great changes, was forced into the world capitalist system, from the center to the periphery of the world, the "Far East" in world history and culture suffered repeated absence the cultural identity crisis, has been misinterpreted and demonized. It is in this historical context that it is increasingly important and urgent to find the East and the cultural output. I propose that "the discovery of the East, the cultural output, the integration of China and the west, and the preservation of positive innovation" are derived from the deep thinking of many issues, such as Orientalism, modernity, globalization and cultural strategy.
   For more than a century, Chinese knew the West than the west of Chinese know more and Chinese as developing countries, Western centrism that did not understand Chinese China understanding of cultural impulse and value appeal. In my opinion, a wide range of influence on world powers, must be a thinker in the world men, participate in the construction of knowledge system of knowledge production, has introduced a new system of thought in the whole country. More directly, it is no longer put together his country's culture but to experience Chinese China Baina, elements and constructing the social philosophy of life and value of life, the whole height and width of the achievements of their cultural image must be in human culture, values, and cultural forces have influence to guide this world forward.
   To do today "East" project, is to investigate Chinese culture which parts have died or eternal death? What became a museum culture, with archaeological significance? What became civilized fragments can be integrated into my life today? What culture can explore it becomes a supplement to the West in a dominating, questioning and dialogue of a western contemporary Chinese? Whether can the creation of the new century with Chinese civilization features new oriental culture, the future of human civilization development and make their own what kind of answer? In the new century, China scholars have a more open mind and new the views on the question: "when it was found Chinese" meaning. Treat the western middle school is no longer the two opposite, but regardless of the ancient and modern western advanced system; face type objects, system can ism type acceptance, and the ideological and religious issue can conduct multicultural dialogue. Therefore, I propose to rethink our identity. This identity is not a conservative to be used, but to re-establish their own cultural position and then think about four questions: first, Chinese culture among those already dead culture, should never let it die, such as "shady politics" and "the world", "corset foot". Second, some cultural fragments can be integrated and should be re integrated into a new culture. Third, pay attention to the original, differentiated and sustainable culture of the Chinese people, so that it can form a one-dimensional difference in the tide of world culture. Fourth, the originality of China's new century. Whether China meet in a "physical state" rather than "state of mind"? Is it possible to achieve true innovation? I think it is possible that innovation is Chinese unique ecological culture consciousness and spiritual ecological consciousness.
   In Chinese have deep understanding of the West and the West on the east still do not fully understand the premise, re cleaning thought and cultural spirit in the text, "culture bring" good "cultural output" to make the cultural confrontation to real cultural dialogue. The discovery of eastern and cultural output is not only traditional culture, but also modern Chinese culture, because China's modernization is also a unique complement to western experience for Western modernity.
   Special attention should be paid to the discovery that the subject of Oriental and cultural output should still be Chinese scholars. I often think that Chinese in the international academic discourse is only mentioned China Westerners? Whether it should be thought of western academic concern rather than the margin problem? The real scholars should put forward to get the academic recognition in China, in the international debate on the stand criticism China thought. We must be on the Western myth "thinking of universal value added different angles, breaking the cultural unilateralism and cultural hegemony, a comprehensive summary of China modernization experience of the" China mode ", the intellectual and cultural innovation in the world of ideas and Chinese on efforts. So now I want to do a job, China famous scholar in twentieth Century after the reflection on Modernity of the influences of Western culture and civilization Chinese concentrated translated and published, Westerners about Chinese after such a difficult experience of modernization, after a century to the West for extremely hard and bitter fire, and then gradually formed their own cultural identity and character.
   Our younger generation of scholars should adhere to the "cultural output", and translate this concept into a long-term and vast national cultural revitalization project and national cultural development strategy. "Cultural output" project from the following aspects: the introduction of ancient and modern thinkers China group thought to the world of integrity, not only pay attention to China ancient classics to the western translation active output, but also will experience the important thinkers in twentieth Century the influences of Western culture and civilization system launched overseas; also should make full use of modern electronic technology and satellite TV means "Doutushidai, communication has a profound cultural charm of the China system works," discovery of the Orient "to explore the" cultural Chinese "spirit value; at the same time, from the" revitalization of Chinese culture circle "and" harmonious cultural diplomacy "point of view, increasing the" foreign language "teaching and education, attract more westerners to learn Chinese Chinese art language and culture, become China cultural understanding and fans, in order to strengthen the basic Chinese dialogue and interaction with the world's cultural psychology. The integration of information and economic globalization, the formation of complementary culture in some extent, at least between the center and the edge formed in the process of globalization, the relationship between the self and the other perplexing, basic pattern so that any country could not completely out of the world cultural development and closed development. In the global integration can only continue to maintain the fundamental characteristics of their own nation, breaking the global pattern of unequal relationship, make itself has an open mind and weather, and adhere to carry forward national culture self foundation and inner spirit, the innovation spirit Chinese culture has become an important part of the human spirit. In the two century western world, Chinese peaceful rise of the need to further increase the "Chinese culture image reconstruction efforts, and in the interaction of" constructive partnership ", really" discovered "the beautiful oriental culture, appreciate China human create a" harmonious society "sincerity.
  China cultural output means country culture really rise, means that China culture is innovation in the integrity Shou, means that China culture is becoming internationally respected cultural entities, and from the east to the West spread and become human new cultural aesthetic feelings, Oriental culture as human culture interaction between East and West. The natural ecology and spiritual ecology to achieve harmony and become the gospel of mankind.
   In the next thirty years, the main work of Chinese academic circles will be "going to China" from the United States, to our "re - Sinicization"". Will those who lost Chinese beautiful spirit to show brilliance, bring value more wealth for human spirit, from the spirit of national culture highly to the common spirit of human perspective, adhere to independent innovation of culture bring in the output, so that China thoughts can become the human mind in twenty-first Century!


   Wang Yuechuan Yu Sanding
   (from "literary newspaper" in February 2, 2015.