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Release Date: December 11, 2016 Click:2191 Source:UOU News Center
How to tell the world “Chinese dream”

  From the China diplomacy and international strategic perspective, "and proposed to enhance the effect of publicity China dream", is to use the foreigners can understand the language, to guide the international community a comprehensive and objective understanding of "Chinese dream", the China Road, beliefs and values to win respect, win hearts.
  Value orientation of transition"
  At present, the connotation of the "Chinese dream" expounded by the domestic media mainly focuses on the target orientation - "the goal of the two one hundred years" and the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. Later, people gradually summed up the essence of the "Chinese dream" as follows: national prosperity, national rejuvenation and people's happiness. As far as function is concerned, the positioning of the 12 words above is three good goals. But these three goals are almost the goal of every country in the world. Foreigners can hardly see the beauty of Chinese culture and the value of "dislocation competition"".
  In our external campaign, we must consider a question of whether to win respect is because a nation has an aim, or a nation's worth, and a value that can be shared by the world. Through a lot of overseas research, we believe that the key to gaining respect is the value that a country can identify with the international community. That's why the international community's response to the China dream is not as good as we expected. Foreigners will think, China's "two one hundred year goals" or "12 word goal" is entirely China's own thing, and they have little to do, they do not participate in. In this regard, we need to enrich and perfect the "international narrative China dream", separate the area within the declared propaganda, to focus on the "target" to "value orientation, external".
  Value contribution"
  Dissemination of Chinese culture, in the final analysis, is the dissemination of Chinese values. We should attach importance to China's unique cultural resources, and pay more attention to the value creation and value contribution of China to the world as well as global governance.
  At present, the domestic propaganda is much more: "China's outstanding traditional culture is a prominent advantage of the Chinese nation, and it is our deepest cultural soft power."." We believe that the statements were perfect, "China excellent traditional culture is only successful transformation, is our most profound cultural soft power, the so-called successful transformation, is to strengthen our ability to integrate resources and transformation. Here the need to distinguish between the two concepts: strength and strength. In general, what the country values is how to strengthen power and expand resources, and ignore how to transform these forces and resources into strength. China ancient cultural resources itself is not as soft power, soft power is not the same in Egypt and Pyramid; international society, integration and successful transformation of cultural resources, more important than have the resources, such as the soft strength lies in this country is committed to the integration and transformation of global resources.
  At present, foreigners come to China to see the Great Wall, the Imperial Palace, listen to Peking Opera, eat roast duck, just to satisfy the curiosity, far from rising to appreciate and identify with china. It is obvious that, at present, the Chinese cultural resources mainly play the role of "curiosity" rather than "sustainable". In practice, without conceptual communication and value contribution, it is difficult to appreciate and be recognized. Therefore, the value contribution of China's diplomacy will be put on the agenda, and China should occupy a moral high point in the international community.
  Highlight the value of human beings"
  In short, the core of the promotion of the "China dream" is to show simplicity and the "Chinese value" that can be shared by the world". "China's value" should have four characteristics: 1, to reflect Chinese characteristics; 2, to be shared by the world; 3, to be simple and beautiful; 4, people-oriented, pay attention to the value of human beings".
  At present, the socialist core value of foreigners on the 24 words on the high degree of concern, but there are also some negative evaluation: one is not simple, 24 words too much, remember, they believe a word than scattered words more publicity; the two is the core value does not need different levels, practices the international community has only one level, often divided into multiple levels of nation, society and citizens, this distinction will be the core value of "fragmentation". Three, many words are the bottom line of morality, not the pursuit of value, such as patriotism, honesty and so on. It is the minimum requirement for a person. Therefore, foreigners often evaluate the novelty of China's core values, and the conception is not high. Therefore, we suggest that the socialist core value system, comprehensive view should become the focus of domestic propaganda, but the publicity should focus on the simple sentence, but a word is not different, and it should reflect the value of Chinese lofty pursuit of the international community and irreplaceable value contribution.
  In addition, in the stage of publicity, China value to reflect the value of the United States (the "American Dream") difference. It should be emphasized that the "Chinese dream" is about the values of "mentality", not just about material values. To the Chinese, the mentality of being as indispensable as blood is inner warmth and belonging".