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Release Date: July 11, 2017 Click:5147 Source:UOU News Center
"The Belt and Road" Sino US Cultural Education Economic Forum

"Belt and Road Initiative" Economic Forum Sino US cultural education field


  Mr. Zheng Huanming introduced the "The Belt and Road" initiative for the guests, vice mayor Houston Jerry Mr. Davis for you a comprehensive interpretation of this limitless energy to the city of Houston, and welcome more and more China enterprises and individuals to invest in Houston.


The overseas guests listen to the interpretation of "The Belt and Road" initiative


Mr. Houston Davis, vice mayor of Jerry, studied calligraphy seriously.

  The end of the forum ended in the joyous atmosphere of calligraphy, written by Mr. Houston, vice mayor of Davis, Jerry. The former deputy curator of the Museum of modern literature, Chinese Beijing Wen de Tang Academy of painting and calligraphy of Mr. Liu Zelin and Mr. Davis Jerry wrote "The Belt and Road". (reporter Ya Ping)