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Release Date: December 12, 2020 Click:25186 Source:UOU News Center
2020 First China-US International Yijing Doctoral Advanced Seminar

  "Yi Jing"-the sky is healthy, the gentleman strives for self-improvement; the topography is great, the gentleman carries his virtues!
  It is an indisputable fact that "Yi Jing" originated from China. "Yi Jing" is the quintessence of Chinese excellent traditional culture. "Yi Jing" is an outstanding philosophical masterpiece in ancient times. "Yi Jing" is the living water source of Chinese civilization and culture. The long river of history that has gone through thousands of years is still prosperous today, and is known as "the head of the group and the source of the avenue".
  In recent years, as "Yi Jing" has continuously appeared on China Central Television, it has been continuously sought after and liked by political and business celebrities from all walks of life, and has been included in the doctoral enrollment plan by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and has been set up in higher education institutions in many countries around the world Professional compulsory courses, etc. The 2020 First China-US International Yijing Doctoral Advanced Seminar jointly organized by USA Oriental University and Beijing Huxia 5000 Years Environment Science Research Academy has come to a successful conclusion!


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1. The glory of training
  China’s excellent traditional culture has spread all over the world, and we are proud to be Chinese!
2. Training vision
  Carry forward China's excellent traditional culture and attract the world's attention!
3. Purpose of training
  Spread Chinese traditional culture and speak Chinese Yi Jing wisdom well!


The site of the advanced training class


The site of the advanced training class


  In 2020 First China-US International Yijing Doctoral Advanced Seminar, a total of more than 120 students successfully completed the study tour and successfully completed the course.
  "Teacher, preaching and karma solve puzzles." The important mission shouldered by lecturers highlights the necessity and importance of teacher training. Only by systematically and rigorously training and learning, and accurately grasping the core characteristics of Chinese excellent traditional culture, can we more effectively build the spiritual home of the Chinese nation and play a correct guiding and active role in the inheritance and promotion of Chinese excellent traditional culture.
  We firmly believe that under the new historical conditions, the excellent traditional Chinese culture will surely unite the majestic strength to realize the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.
  Spread the culture of a great country-let the world fall in love with China!