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Release Date: October 17, 2020 Click:25119 Source:UOU News Center
2020 The First USA Oriental University Yijing Wisdom and Entrepreneur Seminar

  China is a country of poems, books, etiquette and justice. It is a country that advocates civilization, loves peace, has a profound culture, and is ancient and mysterious. Our great motherland has a long history and a splendid culture. The accumulation of five thousand years of outstanding traditional Chinese culture has made Guo Xue broad and profound, diverse and colorful.


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  Yi Jing is the theoretical source of natural philosophy and humanistic practice in the traditional Chinese thought and culture. It is the crystallization of the ancient Han national thought and wisdom. It is a compulsory technique for ancient emperors, politicians, military strategists, and merchants. The renaissance of the Chinese fine tradition "Yi Jing" culture is not simply copying and repetition, but the innovation and reconstruction of scientific inheritance, absorbing the rich cultural heritage accumulated in Chinese history and carrying out scientific sublation, and promoting the world to fully understand and study Chinese fine traditions "Yi Jing" culture takes its essence and removes its dross, uses the past for the present, renews the old and brings forth the new, insists on protecting and utilizing, popularizing and promoting."
  USA Oriental University joined hands with China·AnHui Haoleyuan Enterprise Management Consulting Shares Co., Ltd. to successfully hold the 2020 The First USA Oriental University Yijing Wisdom and Entrepreneur Seminar on October 17, 2020 in Hefei·West Lake Lanbao Hotel, Anhui, China.


The site of the advanced training class


The site of the advanced training class


  More than 100 elite entrepreneurs gathered on the spot to study together! And through systematic learning, entrepreneurs have a deeper knowledge and understanding of Yi Jing wisdom, inspiring senior managers and social elites to integrate Confucianism, Buddhism, and Taoism, pursuing truth, goodness, and beauty, and truly open their minds, examine oneself, and achieve knowledge. The purpose of applying what you have learned. Use Yi Jing's wisdom to build a refined style; use Yi Jing's wisdom to enhance the realm of life; use Yi Jing's wisdom to aspire to teach entrepreneurs, improve entrepreneurship, sublimate entrepreneurial wisdom, and help entrepreneurs succeed!