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Release Date: December 09, 2015 Click:5147 Source:UOU News Center

2016 China American cultural exchange year launching ceremony

was held in New York

  December 9th (reporter correspondent New York Mexican people) in September this year, President Xi Jinping's state visit to the United States, greatly promoted the cooperation between China and the United States in the humanities field, and achieved a series of important results. A series of consensus reached by the two heads of state in Washington, China and the United States to a new level of cultural exchanges. Overseas Chinese in New York to meet the United States will be held in 2016 "China Tourism Year", on December 5th local time in New York, East Restaurant, organized a Sino American Cultural Exchange Year Gala cum launching ceremony.
  Yang Yinguan, chairman of the International Cultural Exchange Association said: the president Xi Jinping attended Washington state, local government and American friendly organizations in the city of Seattle, Washington State Federation held the welcome banquet and delivered a speech. He announced in his speech: "China and the United States will hold the" Sino US tourism year "in 2016, and China will create more convenient conditions for friendly exchanges between the two peoples. The International Cultural Exchange Association held such activities, but also hope that through cultural exchanges in various forms, to promote mutual understanding and friendship between the two peoples, 2016 years of Sino US cultural exchanges will also promote further development of bilateral relations and culture. Sino US cultural exchanges between the two countries in the past year fashion creative interaction and exchange to a climax at the same time, another starting point of this event is the Sino US cultural exchanges are, hope that through the Sino US cultural exchanges years opportunity, will present the Oriental fashion culture to the United States and the world, to show the charm of fashion China!
  Eastern United Chinese Association honorary president Yang Gongde said President Xi Jinping had visited the United States rich achievement, the two sides have reached a consensus on the establishment of a series of new Sino US relations among major powers, to carry out bilateral pragmatic cooperation and the Asia Pacific region and other things. Overseas Chinese will continue to actively promote and promote Chinese culture, speak good Chinese stories, and promote the understanding of the Chinese people by the American people. In the future, cultural exchanges between China and the United States are not only promising, but also arduous.
  Li Zhaoyin, President of the Chinese Calligraphers Association of America, said: "Chinese culture has become an important part of American multiculturalism.". This constitutes a good foundation for further exchanges and cooperation between the two countries in the cultural field. In fact, with the rapid development of China, some American scholars have begun to look at China and the United States from a strategic point of view. Cultural exchanges between China and the United States play an important role in promoting the development of the two cultures, promoting friendship among the people and deepening cultural exchanges. As the scale of cultural exchanges between the two countries is expanding, the cultural cooperation between China and the United States will be broad and promising in the future.