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Release Date: May 12, 2019 Click:24189 Source:UOU News Center
The first China-US Cultural Tourism Festival 2019 was successfully held in the United States

  On May 12, 2019, the three-day "Experiencing Chinese and American Culture, Tasting Chinese and American Food, Watching Chinese and American Songs and Dances", the first Sino-American Cultural Tourism Festival ended in Las Vegas, USA. During the event, 140 participating institutions displayed cultural and tourism products such as Chinese and American cultural products, cultural and creative products, urban tourism, scenic spots, intangible cultural heritage products, folk handicrafts, and Thangka art works. , Let international friends have a deeper understanding of Chinese culture, travel information and cultural handicrafts. There were also ethnic minority song and dance performances, traditional Chinese lion dance performances, and modern song and dance performances from the Yunnan region of China. Local artists in the United States also performed songs and dances, dynamic electronic music performances, and passionate drumming performances, adding a lively dynamic to the event Atmosphere. At the same time, there are also Chinese and American gourmet snacks for visitors to experience and taste, and experience the different food cultures of the two countries. The rich content of the event has attracted many local residents and international tourists to come to the exhibition and participate in the experience.




  Wang Donghua, Consul General of the People's Republic of China in San Francisco, delivered an opening speech at this event. He said that culture is an important link to promote mutual understanding and friendship between peoples of various countries, and tourism is an important carrier to promote cultural exchanges between countries. Wang Donghua emphasized that strengthening cultural tourism cooperation is crucial to deepening China-US mutual understanding and trust and expanding Sino-US exchanges and cooperation. Xie Yuan, Vice President of the Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, Richard Chergio, Las Vegas, Nevada, Larry Rown, Director of the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Bureau, and the Las Vegas International Economic and Trade Commission (CECU) Chairman Rony Chan delivered congratulatory speeches at the scene, and the main guests, such as Zhai Deyu, Cultural Counsellor of the Chinese Consulate in San Francisco, Jeff Greene, Chairman of the Flying Tigers Foundation, and Li Huafeng, General Counsel of Wentou Global (Beijing) Cultural Development Co., Ltd. Cut the ribbon.
  Shen Wei, Senior Consultant of CCTSS and Special Consultant of Wentou Global (Beijing) Cultural Development Co., Ltd. believes that this event is an international cooperation attempt for the integration of culture and tourism industries; The two parties worked together to make a cultural communication event with folk exchanges as the main body; it was supported by the Nevada Government and Tourism Administration, the Chinese Consulate in San Francisco, and guided by the China Arts Festival Foundation. At the same time, the pace of international exchanges characterized by the integration of culture and tourism has been opened to promote exchanges and cooperation.
Xie Song, general manager of Wentou Global (Beijing) Cultural Development Co., Ltd., said in an interview with reporters that "The Sino-US Cultural Tourism Festival is held for the first time. However, the American local people have shown great influence on the event and Chinese culture and tourism. At the same time, the Nevada government of the United States also showed great friendliness to Chinese exhibitors and personnel and gave great support to the event. The Nevada Police Department and police officers provided the order with due diligence. Guarantee and support. Relevant local government agencies and the public have expressed their hope that the event can be held locally every year, and look forward to more Chinese cultural and tourism agencies to participate. In addition, this event effectively promoted Chinese culture to go out and enhance The international popularity of some Chinese cities and scenic spots has helped promote the international promotion of urban cultural tourism, which has played a role in promoting China's tourism economy and reversing the tourist deficit of domestic and overseas tourists. "
  In this event, the 4th "China-US WWII Friendship and Flying Tigers History Forum" was held at the same time. The theme of this forum was "Flags of the Fathers". On the same day, David Hayward, a 97-year-old veteran who wore a veterans logo and a badge of the two nations ’flags, said" The Chinese people ’s deep friendship with the Flying Tigers is the most memorable thing for me. The precious picture materials of the Flying Tigers team were displayed at the forum site and were highly praised by flying tigers veterans and other Chinese and American participants. Lu Qiang, president of the United States-China Association for the Promotion of Peace and Friendship, also said, "Not only our generations must know. It is the next generation who must also know this history, so that the friendship between the Chinese and American people can be passed on from generation to generation. "




  It is reported that the event was co-organized by the US sponsor Las Vegas International Economic and Commercial Joint Commission (CECU) and China's exclusive partner Wentou Global (Beijing) Cultural Development Co., Ltd. The City Convention and Exhibition and Tourism Bureau is co-sponsored, and has received strong support and guidance from the Chinese Consulate General in San Francisco and the China Arts Festival Foundation.