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Release Date: September 09, 2018 Click:23189 Source:UOU News Center
Notice on the addition of 12 professional courses for advanced seminars

  In order to meet the needs of the world ’s friends to understand and learn about China ’s outstanding traditional culture, after research and decision, 12 advanced professional courses have been added. We hope that through our efforts, the world will fall in love with China, while using the wisdom of traditional Chinese culture scientifically, and determined Evangelism and teaching for entrepreneurs from all over the world, enhance the cultivation of entrepreneurs, sublime the wisdom of entrepreneurs, and help entrepreneurs succeed!
  The relevant courses are notified as follows:
  01. China Guoxue Culture (Advanced) Workshop;
  02. Chinese Yijing Culture (Advanced) Workshop;
  03. Chinese Fengshui Culture (Advanced) Workshop;
  04. Workshop on Chinese Confucian Culture (Advanced);
  05. Workshop on Chinese Taoist Culture (Advanced);
  06. Chinese Buddhist Culture (Advanced) Workshop;
  07. Chinese Traditional Medicine Culture (Advanced) Workshop;
  08. Chinese health culture (advanced) workshop;
  09. Chinese Taijiquan Culture (Advanced) Workshop;
  10. Chinese calligraphy and ink painting culture (advanced) workshop;
  11. Chinese Taijiquan Culture (Advanced) Workshop;
  12. Workshop on Chinese Ancient Architecture Culture (Advanced).
  Students who love and want to learn about China's outstanding traditional culture, carefully check the course information, choose courses by hobby, study hard, and improve day by day. China welcomes you!